Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification of Companies

MCA  for the purpose of  Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification of Companies, has notified e-form –ACTIVE. Accordingly all companies incorporated on or before the 3Ist  December,2017 has to file the e-form.

The due dates of filing the e-form is 25 April 2019. Filing after due date will attract Rs 10,000/- filing fees.

One of the Key attachments to the form is : Photograph of registered office showing external building and inside office, also showing therein one of the Key Managerial Personal who has affixed  Digital signature to the e-Form.

Consequences of non-filing:

1. Company shall be liable for action under sub-section (9) of section 12 of the Act.

(Section 12(9) :If the Registrar has reasonable cause to believe that the company is not carrying on any business or operations, he may cause a physical verification of the registered office of the company in such manner as may be prescribed and if any default is found to be made in complying with the requirements of sub-section (1), he may without prejudice to the provisions of sub-section (8), initiate action for the removal of the name of the company from the register of companies under Chapter XVIII.)

2. The following e-forms shall not able to file unless e-from –ACTIVE is filed.

  1. SH-07 (Changes in Authorized  Capital)
  2. PAS-03 (Changes in Paid-up Capital)
  3. DIR- 12 (Changes in Director except cessation)
  4. INC-22 (Changes in Registered Office)
  5. INC-28 (Amalgamation, de-merger)

For details Source MCA

Posted on 25/02/2019
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