Important requirement for INC 22A

For the purpose of filing INC 22A (ACTIVE) two important requirements are mentioned below and the steps to compile information for that requirement.

  1. Photograph of registered office showing external building and inside office, also showing therein one of the Key Managerial Personal who has affixed Digital signature to the e-Form


a. For this purpose first make sure that a board should be affixed in the building of the registered office of the company with the following mandatory details.

      1. Name and address of the Company (in English and Malayalam)

      2. CIN Number of the company

      3. Phone Number of the Company

      4. E- Mail ID of the Company

      5. GST Number of the Company

b. Take photograph of the registered office showing external building with the Board.

c. Also take a photograph after affixing a Board inside the registered office with the Director in the photograph who is signing the form.


  I- Specimen of Board for a Registered office in Kerala.

1 Specimen of board




2. Another requirement is to provide the exact latitude and longitude of the location of registered office

Follow the following illustrative steps to find latitude and longitude of the location

1 Log on to Google maps.

2. Find the exact location of registered office of the Company in Google Maps.

3. Place the cursor at that point and right lick and select “Whats’s Here”

4. Then a small box with the latitude and longitude of the location will be displayed.

5. Take a screenshot and save as JPG file.

6. The first value shown will be latitude and the second value longitude of the location. In the below specimen  9.962821 is latitude and  76.295711 is the longitude of the location


  II. Specimen of Screen shot of Location 

Specimen of Screenshot of location



III. A glance on the contents on the e-form INC 22A(ACTIVE)


Posted on 15/03/2019
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